Made in NW Montana

Hand crafted and home made items made specifically in Northwest Montana!

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This website features hand crafted - hand made items by those living in Northwest Montana! Artists and writers from Troy, Montana, The Yaak, and Libby. Please visit the following websites for true Made in Northwest Montana gifts, books, and more! Made "elsewhere" labels will not be found on any of their items!

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Items currently featured on Made in NW Montana are;

Montana Bucky Bears N' Stuff

By: Penny Ray
Montana Bucky Bears n Stuff

Handsewn teddy bears of genuine furs, hides and synthetic materials by Penny Ray.

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Kootenai River

Terrel Jones Fine Art, LLC

Original paintings consisting of oils, pastels, watercolors, collage and mixed-media. They range in subject matter from flowers to landscapes and figures.

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